Taurus Universal Smith Machine

Taurus Universal Smith Machine

 Introducing the Taurus Universal Smith Machine, a versatile and comprehensive strength training solution for your home and professional gyms. Equipped with two weight stacks, a Smith machine, a great deal of accessories and Jammer arms, this all-in-one system offers unmatched workout options to help you achieve your fitness goals. Experience the ultimate strength training equipment with the Taurus Universal Smith Machine.

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Product details: Taurus Universal Smith Machine

  • Taurus Universal Smith Machine – the most complete home gym ever

  • Numerous training options: two cable pulleys that can be adjusted to 18 different heights, each with its own weight stack, Jammer arms, Smith station with 12 height levels, pull-up station, dip station, core trainer/landmine, optional leg press, option for free weight training with a barbell, special attachments for training with resistance bands

  • Exceptionally comprehensive accessories: triceps rope, lat pull-down bar, V-grip attachment, foot loop, short biceps/triceps bar, two great stirrup handles, loop for abdominal training, leg press module, dip station, a pair of short and long spotter arms, padded roll for abdominal and leg exercises, Jammer arms with different grip options, two long bars to connect cable pulls or Jammer arms, tricep press down bar as well as chains for extension and matching snap hooks

  • Taurus Universal Smith Machine: a versatile and comprehensive strength training solution for your home and professional gyms.

  • Two independent cable pulls: adjustable to 18 different heights, each with its own weight stack. Suitable for a variety of exercises, including bicep curls and tricep pushdowns.

  • Jammer arms: perfect for functional exercises such as bench press or shoulder press. They can be used individually or connected and can be adjusted to different heights.

  • Smith station: provides controlled barbell training with 12 height levels. Ideal for safely performing squats and bench press.

  • Pull-up station: ideal for training the upper body. Offers many grip options.

  • Dip station: perfect for performing tricep dips and knee raises. The module can be flexibly adjusted in height.

  • Core trainer/landmine: a versatile tool for functional training of the entire body.

  • Optional leg press: ideal for targeted training of the leg muscles and glutes.

  • Free weight training: a barbell can be used to perform classic exercises such as bench press, squats or deadlifts.

  • Attachments for training with resistance bands: enables exercises such as bicep curls or tricep extensions.

  • Extensive accessories: all common grips and pulling aids are already included.

  • Invest in your fitness goal and take your workout to the next level with our multifunctional Taurus Universal Smith Machine.

  • 2x 100 kg weight block: 1x 10 kg + 15x 6 kg each

  • Many storage possibilities for barbells and plates as well as accessories in the rear part of the equipment

  • Dimensions set-up - Taurus Universal Smith Machine: (L) 147 cm x (W) 188 cm x (H) 219 cm

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