Taurus 30mm weight plate 10kg, Made in Germany

Taurus 30mm weight plate 10kg, Made in Germany

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Product details: Taurus 30mm weight plate, Made in Germany

  • Made in Germany! Precision work from one of the leading foundries in Europe

  • The Taurus Premium weight plate – made for maximum performance

  • Design and manufacture in Germany : In close consultation between the professionals from Taurus and the casting specialists in the foundry

  • Good as a matter of tradition : Manufactured in one of the leading steelworks in Europe with over 100 years of experience

  • Everything under control : The premium weight plate has large grip holes with anti-slip corrugations for easy handling

  • Highest precision : The maximum deviation from the nominal weight is less than 0.5% - a value 10 times better than with other weight plates. Only professional competition targets attain this level of accuracy.

  • For effective strength training at home : weight plate with 30.5mm hole

  • Strong, durable finish : KTL coating (cathodic dip painting) - the coating, which is only a few micrometers thick, is absolutely corrosion-free and is otherwise used, for example, in the production of cars

  • Fine-tuning until everything is perfect : The final touch is made by hand in order to meet the highest standards and to ensure that EVERY weight plate is perfect and unique.

  • For a clear conscience : Made in Germany - shorter transport routes, fewer emissions

  • Quality from the first to the last production step : Only selected raw materials are used in the certified production facilities and every production step is subject to strict quality control.

  • For honest strength training : The cast steel weight plate feels valuable, powerful and straightforward

  • The 1.25kg and 2.5kg premium weight plates are supplied in pairs, from 5kg onwards, the weights are available individually

  • Diameter | Width of the Taurus Premium weight plates:

    • 1.25kg: ⌀ 13.5 | 1.83cm

    • 2.5kg: ⌀ 21 | 1.99cm

    • 5kg: ⌀ 25 | 2.46cm

    • 10kg: ⌀ 32.5 | 2.76cm

    • 15kg: ⌀ 37 | 3.13cm

    • 20kg: ⌀ 41.5 | 3.14cm

    • 25kg: ⌀ 41.5 | 3.8cm

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